At Kolsens we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of every client.

  • Estate Liquidation: For this service we will provide an appraisal of the items in the estate, a detailed inventory list, pricing, marketing for the sale, and finally full management of the sale.

  • Appraisal: This is the perfect option for a client who is looking to discover the overall value of their estates personal items, without commuting to a sale.

  • Estate Reduction and Organization: This service would work well for a client who’s home has become a bit too full and overwhelming. The Kolsens staff will reduce and organize the home through donations, community outreach, and recycling to give our client a clean and organized house with the breathing room they need.

  • Estate Downsizing or Moving Sale: A smaller version of the estate liquidation option, where the client chooses which items they would like to have sold or passed on. This will include appraisal, inventory, pricing, and sale management.

The Estate Sale Process

Before You Call

Obtain proof you are the personal representative of the estate you wish to sell.

Possess the titles for any cars or boats you wish to sell.

Figure out what you want to keep.

Don’t throw anything away.


Contact us here to set up a free consultation.

We will set up a time to assess the estate and determine the feasibility of a sale. Kolsens offers other services to assist those who possess items unfit for the local market as well as those who do not have enough assets to warrant a sale.


After the consultation we will provide a contract that is made to fit every customers unique situation, additionally we will discuss the expected time for the service that you have selected. At this stage there are no fees being applied.

Privacy and Security

Kolsens understands often times when our services are necessary, a tragedy has occurred in our client’s life. It is up to our client to decide what personal information is shared with the public. We will market and advertise the sale accordingly.

The address of the sale will remain undisclosed until the day before the sale begins.

Small valuables are kept in locked display cases and are constantly monitored by staff.


Kolsens has a team of appraisers with over a decade of experience pricing, buying and selling. We inventory the items as we price so you get a detailed sale report when you get your check.


We clean, organize and lay out sale items in an aesthetically pleasing manner to make the estate contents desirable to tour customers.

Photos are taken of the estate for online advertising.


Kolsens posts your sale on our website, social media,,, and any other relevant community platform.

We also reach out to local clubs and enthusiasts who we know personally will be interested in your estate.


The Sale

This is the culmination of much effort and on this day we will have the full Kolsen's staff on site to ensure security, customer satisfaction, and the cash sales. The sale will usually take two to three days, but ultimately this is dependent on the client themselves.

Clean Up

Kolsens offers additional post-sale services including trash removal and donation allocation.


Within 5 business days after the last day of the sale, you will receive the payment through the method of your choice (determined in the contract) and a detailed sale report.